If you are looking for something super cool…and VERY unique to this area, you got to check this out!

It’s called the Bash at the Big House…a day-long music festival at the Old Joliet Prison on Collins St!

The WGN Morning News crew gave it some time earlier this week!

The Old Joliet Prison is a historical landmark that just recently has been cleaned up and made safe for events such as this. Quite the feat considering it was built before Abe Lincoln became president and has been neglected and ignored for about 20 years!

Besides the two stages of music, there will be food trucks, beer tents, and YES, you CAN take tours inside the prison. There will even be activities for the kids (12 and under are free, donchya know).

I’ll admit…the juxtaposition of so much family fun inside a structure meant to…shall we say..not be too kind to some of the worst of society…is a bit strange. But hey…local history! Might as well own it!

Tickets are $20.