Are People Still Buying/Selling Beanie Babies?

My 90sness was out in full force yesterday as I visited my parents. We were there to pick up some flooring, but ended up spending far to long Googling the value of our Beanie Baby collection!

Is that even a thing?! I mean, if you search for “Beanie Baby Value” you get all sorts of crazy articles reporting some of the more “valuable” pieces going for SIX FIGURES! As it turns out, we have a bunch of the ones that made a lot of these lists.

There’s “Tabasco the Bull” of course, who infamously had a name change to avoid copyright infringement.

We also had Princess, who was born to commemorate Princess Diana…or was until the tag got jacked up, because as we ALL know, BBs aren’t worth anything without a mint condition ear tag. Like, everyone knows that.

Then apparently that iguana is worth some money, too?

Go ahead…search E-Bay! It’s crazy out there!

Digging through these plush toys just let to more and more Internet searching and higher and higher hopes that we may be able to pay off our student debt and put a down payment on a new house! I’m not expert, so I can’t be for sure…but I’m willing to be there’s no WAY people pay NEAR those prices. As my wife says, if someone offers to give you any actual real currancy for these things, you should probably take it!

If anything, it was a fun trip down Nostalgia Lane, but you tell me! Is there still a market for these pieces of 90s toy history?