This gets me right in my 90s nostalgia-craving heart!

My first ever television crush Topenga is back with her soul mate Cory…to sell us all pizza from Panera Bread.

This wasn’t a Super Bowl commercial, but it certainly could have been, and probably would have been rated among the best!

If you happen to have missed the seven years of television bliss that gave us Boy Meets World on ABC’s forever-loved “TGIF” block of programming, Corey and Topanga were two high-school sweethearts that every high school sweetheart wanted to be.

Besides hitting on the nostalgia, which is pretty much the only advertising that works at this moment in time, it seems, it’s actually really funny!! I love how they bring back all the classic rom-com moments in their own cheesy way.

Well done Panera.

By the way, you can watch Boy Meets World on Hulu, if you want to.