ICYMI: Facebook Probably Owes You Money

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Nick wrote about this last week, but I know a lot of people missed it so I’m writing about it again today. Facebook recently lost a class action suit worth $725 million, and it means that you can probably get part of it.

Anyone who used Facebook over a period of nearly 15 years is entitled to a piece of the pie. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook made users data’s available to third parties without their permission, and also didn’t monitor or enforce third party access to the data.

So if you used Facebook between May 24th of 2007 in December 22nd of 2022, keep reading.

It’s hard to say how much each person will get, since people who’ve been on Facebook longer will get a bigger share. Claim forms must be filed by August 25th of 2023, and the hearing is scheduled for September 7th of 2023.

More information and claim forms can be found HERE