I’m a pretty big Shark Tank fan. I’ve watched every episode. It’s one of the go-to shows my wife and I watch as we wind down at the end of the day. That’s why I’m so excited to steal a few minutes with Barbara Corcoran tomorrow morning for an interview!

I have some many questions about the show and how things work behind the scenes, but I’m more interested in her story! How did she turn around an admittedly poor academic career when she was a kid to being a “billionaire real estate mogul?”

When it comes to investing, what part is data and numbers and what part is gut and intuition?

What were you doing when you first heard of the concept of Shark Tank and what was your reaction to it?

When you speak to potential entrepreneurs or people thinking about starting their own business, what’s the message you hope they walk away with?

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more thoughts for her, but if you had the chance to ask her one question, what would it be? I’ll try to sneak as many listener questions in as I can!

Corcoran has written books, hosted shows, is a speaker and consultant, and even has a very successful business podcast called Business Unusual, where she answers business-related questions. She is starting a new lifestyle podcast called 888-Barbara where she takes questions and gives advice, not just on business and entrepreneurship, but anything “from the boardroom to the bedroom.”

I’m taping the interview with Corcoran on Thursday morning and plan to drop it on our website/socials early next week!