So last night if you were lucky like me … you bundled up and braved the elements to catch a legendary band play some legendary tracks.   It was wet and it was chilly on the lawn but sometimes when things aren’t great it kind of pulls a crowd together and everyone was in a really good mood.  (The good mood could also have been caused by the large cloud of smoke that was hanging overhead. LOL)

So we took our sons … kind of a right of passage.  Neither one of them had seen the Who in concert and we felt they should.  (A family that gets a contact high together stays together, right?)   The band did not disappoint.   There was a full orchestra and they started out the night with some tracks from Tommy which lets face it with a full orchestra … was pretty amazing (Roger toured this way solo last year but to have Pete there too really made it.)    The orchestra made it feel like a visit to Ravinia … only much colder and with way more marijuana!

Both Pete and Roger are always fun to listen to bantering on stage … telling tales and exchanging barbs.   Roger had some choice words to say about Illinois weather … Pete blamed the weather on the tour promoter but that seemed a little harsh.

The stupid weather of 2019 couldn’t hold us back.  It was still a great evening.  First  rock concert I have worn hats, gloves and been wrapped up in a blanket but hey … it was totally worth it!   (Also did I mention I got my tickets for $20.00 through Live Nation’s National Concert Week … sweet deal!)