Like many of you out there Mother’s Day brings out mixed emotions for me.  As I am a mama myself I love all the sweet things my boys do for me on that day.   I have had some amazing breakfast’s made for me and they even wrote and performed a song one year … that was probably my favorite gift ever.  But Mother’s Day is also the day when I miss my Mum the most.

My sweet Mama left this planet way too early .  She was only 45 years old.  She had bravely dealt with a variety of health issues most of her life but cancer was the one she couldn’t beat.  But rather than tell you about her death let me tell you about her life.  She was a fabulous golfer, she loved Neil Diamond and she danced in the kitchen all the time when she was making dinner.  She loved my dad and I ferociously and would defend us to all.  We watched Live Aid together and turned our living room into a work out room when we bought the Jane Fonda workout which we attempted to do together.  She sat in the audience for all my dance recitals, my poetry recitals, my school plays and even the shows I would put on in the living room with the neighborhood kids.   She took me to see Duran Duran when I was 13 because she knew how much I loved them.  She threw me amazing birthday parties which as a parent myself I now realize must have taken weeks of preparation.   I am a lucky person because I have so many people in my life who love me but no one loves me the way my mother did.  No one looks at me and sees what my mama did.   I know this more than ever because no one looks at my two sons and sees what I see.

So as we head into Mothers Day weekend I just want to send love out to all of you who will be missing your moms and even more love to the mothers out there who are missing their children.