There goes my witness protection.  Living in Illinois HAD its privileges.  I am originally from the Wolverine State, but I don’t go back to Michigan that often.  The last time I crossed the state line we had a delicious world famous chicken dinner and shopped at the World’s Largest Christmas Store while jammin’ to Greta Van Fleet.  A few nights ago I got a text….”is this Jessica?”  My heart sank when I noticed the Great Lakes Area Code.  I was so sure I could remain anonymous here even though working at the River exposes me to millions of listeners!

Lets face it…it’s way easier for us women to stay in the shadows.  Once we get married we can become totally new people.  I didn’t get married back home, I got married at Disney World.  My husband is from Illinois so most of my Michigan friends have never met him.  They have nothing to go on for name searches on the Google or the Facebook.  Even though I was hesitant I did answer the text with “Who the Hell is This?” and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was my friend Jon.  I haven’t seen Jon in over 24 years!

Jon and I used to drive around in his…wait for it….Beretta.  He should have found me sooner.  I am pretty sure that I have recently tried to cyberstalk him but must have been distracted.  I get stuck in the wormhole and before you know it I am clicking the stupid slideshows to see celebrity doppelgangers.  By the way, I made it through 60+ slides and never found the one from the cover that got me sucked in the first place.   There goes two hours of my life.

You have only wasted 1 minute and 44 seconds reading my blog but I have a feeling you will spend more time looking at my hottie friends from high school photo that lured you here in the first place!