No More Hidden Fees On Your Tickets
Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and last week, with bipartisan support, the White House announced that Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation will have to display prices that include all service fees, beginning in September. This is great news. I have seen service fees at 50% of the ticket price, meaning a $100 ticket could end up costing $150! Unfortunately, this only applies to venues that Live Nation owns, and doesn’t include venues that are owned by sports teams or other entertainment companies.
SeatGeek also announced that they will also have more transparency with their fees, allowing people to compare prices more easily.
The House is also considering requiring resellers to disclose if they actually have a ticket in hand, or if they are just speculating that they will. Did you know that resellers did this?
I’m not sure that any of this will actually lower our ticket prices, but at least we’ll know what we’re paying up front.