Some people think Pepsi hasn’t blown their minds since Crystal Pepsi.  So this is notable . . .

Pepsi is releasing something called Nitro Pepsi, which is supposedly the first nitrogen-infused cola.  Pepsi says the nitrogen gas creates a “frothy, foamy, smooth texture,” which is “silkier” than typical carbonated beverages.

Nitro Pepsi will include a nitrogen-filled capsule in its cans . . . very much like Guinness has in their beer cans.  In fact, when you pour Nitro Pepsi, it’ll have a foamy head, just like Guinness.  Nitro Pepsi will be available in both regular and vanilla flavors beginning on March 28th.

I’ll tell ya, the pop market is getting WEIRD. Coke and Pepsi tried out some coffee-infused cola. We’ve seen spiked pop. We even have SPACE FLAVORED pop!

I supposed adding nitrogen and messing with the texture to make it more draught-like isn’t so weird after all.