Royal Palms Show Regal Strength During Ian.

I’ve been going to Florida since I was a little kid with my folks. I’ve enjoyed the warmth and the sun and the sand and the sea. Fresh fish and no snow, but it’s funny I’ve always marveled at the the real stature and magnificence of royal palm trees. They are used as boulevard markers and street boundaries and they look as if they’re made of concrete. Tall and stately with palm leaves at the top. I don’t know why but I’ve always found them fascinating. Now I learn that palm trees, especially the royal palm, with stand the wind and tidal serge of a hurricane with greater success than almost anything else. They are overall one of the most proficient survivors. Hurricane Ian pummeled Ft. Myers and the southwest coast of Florida and Fort Myers’ nickname is the City of Palms.

Palm Trees Escape Hurricane Ian’s Wrath.