Saying Hi is Good For You!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and a recent poll shows that  higher well-being is linked to saying hello to your neighbors.

The average American says hi to about to five neighbors a day. Really? I always say hi to my neighbors, but I might go for days without seeing them. Maybe there’s hope for me since I’m that person who usually smiles and says hello to strangers.

The poll also shows that if you are older and have a higher income, you’re more likely to greet your neighbors.

Over 4,500 people were we’re surveyed about 5 different metrics on their well-being, including career, social, financial, physical and community.

The study shows that the more neighbors greeted, the higher the well-being.

So make a point of saying hi to your neighbors, and maybe go to that block party. It’s good for you!

How many neighbors a day do you say hello to? Let me know in the Facebook comments