The Water Lantern Festival is This Weekend

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Ever since I heard about them, I have wanted to go to a Water Lantern Festival. I’ve only seen photos of them, and they look absolutely beautiful. There is one happening in Aurora this weekend.

The lanterns are made of a thin paper, often made from rice. They are lit inside by a candle. Participants can write messages and wishes or draw designs on them.

The Water Lantern Festival begins at 4:30 tomorrow, September 16th, at River Edge Park, 360 N. Broadway in Aurora.

From 4:30 to 9:00 there will be food trucks, music and fun. At 7:00, it’s your chance to design your lantern, and then the lantern launch happens from 7:30 to 9:00.

-This is a family-friendly event, meant to create a peaceful, memorable experience.

The lanterns and any trash will be cleaned up by the staff, so there will be no damage to the environment.

Can you imagine how beautiful the river will look with all of those lanterns floating on it?

There’s a pretty big discount if you get your tickets today, September 15th. Find out more and get your tickets HERE