They don’t wanna miss a thing

It’s just like Armageddon, only on a much smaller, much less threatening scale.  This past Tuesday, NASA landed a spacecraft on the surface of an asteroid to collect rock samples.

The asteroid‘s name is Bennu and is only about the size of a van.  What?!  I’m thinking the spacecraft had to be bigger than that, but what do I know.  Obviously it wasn’t manned, certainly not with Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck.  And the asteroid wasn’t poised to destroy earth.

Actually, the Osiris-Rex spacecraft left Earth four years ago, with the sole purpose of landing on the asteroid.  Now that is some pinpoint accuracy.  One NASA official said, “I can’t believe we actually pulled this off…It’s amazing.”  No kidding!

Anyway, scientists were waiting for images to make sure enough rocks were gathered.  And apparently, maybe too many rocks were gathered!  Some of them are leaking out into space because the lid couldn’t close!  Here’s the story: