Think you’d ever use a transparent bathroom?

Can you imagine looking at a public bathroom with see-through walls, and through the walls you could see it was vacant, so you go in there to use it?  Well, something new and um, revealing has popped up at a park over in Tokyo: transparent public toilets!  Yes, you can see right inside. That is partially the point of these bathrooms.

The designers say being able to see inside lets you know if the bathrooms are safe, clean, and if there is anyone else using the facility. There are men’s, women’s, and multipurpose toilets for park-goers to use.

Now here’s the important part:  when someone goes inside and locks the door, the glass turns opaque so no one on the outside can see you doing your business.

And the toilets light up at night and they serve as lanterns in the park.

To tell the truth, I’d be paranoid that the software controlling the glass would malfunction and lay me bare for all to see!  That would be just a step up from prison.