What Are You Doing Next May?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and a couple of days ago I got an email for a presale that’s happening at an outdoor venue. I thought, well that’s weird, outdoor concert season is over. And then I saw that the concert is NEXT MAY. My first thought was, how do I know what I’m going to be doing next May?

But then I remembered that in 2019, I bought tickets to see Green Day, nearly a year away. Because of the pandemic, it actually turned into two years! But I was willing to commit to that year.

The email I got a couple of days ago was for a band I’ve never heard of. I’ll admit that and the type of person who doesn’t like to plan things far in advance, not even vacations. This bothers some friends and family members of mine who love to plan things well ahead of time.

Part of my hesitancy could be from the fact that I made plans several months ago with a couple of different friends for events that have recently happened or are happening soon, and now they’re not happening. It’s upsetting and frustrating, and I find myself worried that things might not work out.

So, I guess if it was for a band or artist I really like, I would bite the bullet and jump on that presale.

What do you think about buying tickets, or really making any plans a year in advance? Let me know in the Facebook comments