Product placement has always been a thing on TV and in movies (remember that hysterical scene in Wayne’s world with all the product placement – Party On … Excellent!)   However occasionally the same is true about songs.   Musicians love stuff too and they have sang love songs to their shoes, their cars, their guitars and yes even their cereal.

The inspiration for “Cornflake Girl” came from a conversation Tori Amos was having with a longtime friend in Africa, specifically how a close female family member would betray another family member. Amos has said that growing up, the name they gave to girls who would hurt you despite close friendship was cornflake girlsThe reference to cornflakes and raisins comes from their distribution in a box of breakfast cereal, implying that “raisin girls” are much harder to find than “cornflake girls”.

Atlantic released a series of cornflakes boxes with picture of Amos on them to promote this. They are now collector’s items.

The term “cornflake girl” also appears in the lyrics of the Billy Bragg song “Body of Water” on his 1991 album Don’t Try This at Home with the line “Oh, to become a pearl / In the wordy world of the cornflake girl”

So not actually about Cornflakes … but tell me you don’t think about the crunchy cereal when you hear this song … of course you do!