A new survey found the biggest mistakes people make when drinking wine.  And they literally mean wine etiquette things . . . not mistakes like, “I drank six bottles of Boone’s Farm one day…”

Anyway, in honor of National White Wine Day today, here are 10 of the biggest mistakes people make with wine . . .

1.  Holding a glass by the bulb and not the stem.

2.  Damaging the cork when you try to remove it so you push bits of cork into the wine.

3.  Mispronouncing the name of a wine you’re ordering.

4.  Serving white wine with red meat.

5.  Filling a wine glass to the very top.

6.  Putting ice cubes in wine.

7.  Adding lemonade or Coke to wine to water it down.

8.  Drinking straight out of the bottle.

9.  Trying to use a corkscrew on a twist-off cap.

10.  Pretending you know sophisticated terms to describe how a wine tastes.

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