A Study Found COVID-19 Symptoms Usually Happen in This Order

Flu season is coming up, so this is good to know. A new study looked at the order COVID-19 symptoms usually happen. And it’s different than the flu.

That doesn’t mean they ALWAYS happen in the same order. But researchers looked at more than 50,000 coronavirus cases, and figured out when symptoms are most likely to show up.

Here are five early COVID symptoms, and the order they usually happen in . . .

1. Fever. That’s the first symptom people usually notice.

2. Cough. The order of those first two is important, because it’s the opposite of the flu. With the flu, you’re more likely to have a cough first and then a fever.

3. Muscle pain. So, general soreness or achiness.

4. And upset stomach, or vomiting.

5. Diarrhea.

Those last two are also interesting, because it’s the opposite of other coronaviruses. With SARS and MERS, an upset stomach usually happens later.

Obviously, nothing is 100%, so if you have any of these symptoms in ANY order, it’s safest to contact your doctor!