Police and Schools Issue Warnings Over “Senior Assassins” Game, Here’s How I’d Fix It

If you are unaware, there is a tradition among high school seniors called “Senior Assassins.”

The rules vary, but generally, high school seniors try to eliminate each other from the game by shooting them with water guns. This can take place anywhere from homes and school to streets and other public places.

Honestly, it sounds like a really fun game! I wish it were a thing when I was in school!

However…things are getting a bit scary because some of the water guns being used look too much like real firearms. This is happens so much that schools are issuing warnings to parents.

Here’s the letter West Aurora High School sent home:

Dear Parents & Guardians of Senior Blackhawks,
We are reaching out to strongly encourage you to discuss with your child the importance of refraining from participation in the growing trend known as “senior assassins.” While we appreciate our seniors’ desire to make lasting memories and have fun in their final year of high school, we must address the serious risks associated with this game.

Recent incidents in the local Chicagoland suburbs demonstrate the dangers of using water guns that closely resemble realistic firearms. Participants have found themselves in dangerous situations when others mistook their actions as genuine threats to the community. Our community has experienced disturbances and arrests directly related to the senior assassins game. The following news articles are only a few examples of how innocent fun can quickly escalate to life-threatening situations.
As educators and law enforcement officials, we must prioritize the safety and well-being of our students. To reiterate, we strongly encourage you to discuss with your child the importance of refraining from participating in the senior assassin game. These activities can result in criminal charges and are not worth the risk.Instead, we encourage our seniors to channel their creativity and energy into positive and safe ways to celebrate their final year of high school. Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime without putting anyone in harm’s way.

The fix seems simple! It’s not to stop playing, but use different weapons! Don’t dress in all black and ski masks! Use water balloons (clean up after yourself), tennis balls, use nerf footballs, use ANYTHING ELSE THAT DOESNT LOOK LIKE A REAL GUN.

Not only is it dangerous, but displaying a gun, even if its fake, is illegal.

One person who commented on that St Charles PD Facebook post got it right: If you aren’t using a Super Soaker from 1993 that you have to refill every 7 minutes, then you aren’t doing it right!

I don’t want the game to stop, but if there are kids rolling cars, getting the SWAT team called on them, or having law abiding conceal-carry holders pull their weapons on them, then it has gone too far.