An Interactive Map of Our Fans’ Favorite Fried Chicken Joints

Yesterday was National Fried Chicken day! So I decided to find out where the best fried chicken is being made in the suburbs by asking everyone else! My personal favorite – White Fence Farm –  was mentioned a few times!

A few mentioned KFC and Popeye’s and while I won’t tell anyone what to enjoy or not enjoy, they are not on this list. Chances are you don’t need help finding one of those places.

Here are the recommendations laid out on a convenient map! Click the icon in the upper left corner and choose “fried chicken.”

(I created a donut shop map on National Donut Day. You can click on the donuts category in the map below, as well!)

So if you are looking for a bite of tasty fried bird, one of these River fan recommendations isn’t a bad place to start!

I’ll be adding other categories to this list periodically, so stay tuned!