An Invitation: A Night At the Joliet Slammers Game to Celebrate My Dad’s Life

As you may or may not know, I lost my dad back on June 1st. It was a shocking call that I was not expecting to get. It was a tough blow to me and my family, and while acceptance is setting in, I still have my moments.

We had an an awesome funeral…well, as awesome as funerals can be, anyway. But honestly, my dad’s life deserves a way better event. A more unique and appropriate celebration. Something fun…with family…and friends…and beer!

That’s why I’m really excited (is that the right word?) for Friday the 13th. That’s the night we will all be doing out to the old ballpark for a Joliet Slammer game! It was one of my dad’s favorite places to spend an evening…cold beer, hot dog and some baseball! What better way to honor and remember him?!

I figured this would also be a good opportunity to do a bit of good in the community! We are also using the game as a way to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation — my father was a Type 1 diabetic since he was 14, and honestly kicked it’s ass for 30 years, watched his two sons grow up and meet his five grand kids. But…sugar in the blood has a tendency of catching up to you, even if you manage it well. I digress.

I reached out to the Slammers to see if they would help me raise money for the JDRF to find a cure for T1D…and of course, they said yes because they are awesome people.

So, Friday, August 13th is Dan Jakusz Night (as well as Super Hero Night and Fireworks Night) at the Slammers game! If you use the promo code “DAN” you can purchase a $10 reserved seat ticket with half of it going back to the JDRF.

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So…if you aren’t busy and want to enjoy a ball game and some fireworks and meet some super heroes…I hope you can come out to the Slammers game with my family and me to honor my dad and help raise a bit of money to fight Type 1 Diabetes.

If you are going, go ahead and check the box on this Facebook event so I know who to hunt down and thank! Even if we miss each other, thank you for being a part of it. If you can’t go…totally understand…thanks for even reading this blog post for this long, and letting me tell a bit of my dad’s story.

Oh…and wear blue to the game to support the JDRF!