Audience participation with the latest Bon Jovi song!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  So Bon Jovi has a new single coming out later this month. If you want a sneak preview, head over to on your phone where the lyrics, and only the lyrics, are now available.  That site only works on a mobile device, not on a computer, and here’s why.

The song is called “Limitless” and Bon Jovi wants to hear your version of it!  A press release from the band says, “Since no one has heard the full song yet, users will have to bring their own creativity to sing the lyrics how they think they should sound.”  So you’re supposed to go to, look at the lyrics and give your best rendition of how you think it should sound, then share a video of the performance to your Instagram Stories.

Post with the hashtag #SingBonJoviContest and you’re entered into a contest where the best videos are re-shared on Bon Jovi’s social media. The grand prize winner joins them on stage along with Bryan Adams for the rendition!