Baseball Is Back Tomorrow.

Well tomorrow, April 1st, is opening day for Major League Baseball. No foolin’. Last years pandemic shortened, fan less season seemed just not right! The Cubs open at home against the Pirates while the Sox are on the road in Anaheim to take on the Angels. Fans will be back in the stands in limited numbers, but back none the less and it feels good to have the start of some regularity in our lives. I know we had NFL football in the fall and the NBA and the NHL have been keeping us entertained and the March Madness return has been great, but this just seems more real. Maybe it’s just the idea of the fans being back at least in some sense that makes it more normal. Expectations are high for the south siders who have made some bold moves and looked like a team on the rise last year. The Cubs are more of a question mark, but they could certainly hold their place in the central division which doesn’t look that strong other than the Brewers. Hey I’m no expert or prognosticator, but I did run across some interesting predictions for up coming season. So check em out and let’s play ball!

Click Here For The  Bold Predictions For The 2021 MLB Season