Next weekend there will be an event just for CNA’s.  If you know one you should have them check it out.  A Certified Nursing Assistant plays a large role in healthcare.  They do as their title suggests…they assist nurses…and they are certified.  Some workers in healthcare can just be caregivers, but a CNA has to go to school for specialized training and pass a test.  This event is the first I have heard that is just for CNA’s and allows for networking, education and a free breakfast from BrightStar Care.  I am not sure if Leonard will be making the food, but I am sure that I won’t be so it will be edible.  All of the CNA’s that I work with know that I cannot cook, so again…they are smart.  After I am done hugging all the CNA’s at COD I could totally use Culinary Lessons.   They have that, too 🙂