Chad Kroeger Says Nickelback Doesn’t Get The Hate It Used To

Hating on Nickelback has been a time-honored tradition for music fans.  But frontman Chad Kroeger thinks that hate is starting to fade.

Speaking with KFMA-FM in Tuscon, Kroeger said “I think there’s been a softening — there really has, thankfully.” He added “I’m not sure if it’s because we receive a ton of love on TikTok or whatever the hell it is… It’s really nice to not be Public Enemy Number One.”

He mentioned that he believed a lot had to do with oversaturation of the band. Thanks to the many different styles of songs they wrote, they were on many different types of radio stations (ours included!). They had songs on rock radio, pop radio and even country radio. Kroeger says he understands that it may be annoying to be unable to avoid them on all these different stations.

Kroeger even says he understands the feeling! He said there are a few bands he doesn’t like, but he doesn’t go online and be a “keyboard warrior” he just changes the channel. That’s a good example to follow right there!

If you listen to the interview, you can tell that it really bothered him, and hearing that really impacts me. I haven’t been one to bash Nickelback, but it does make you realize that even though Chad, and other musicians, are famous, they still read and hear all the things people are saying. They are still human being who feel things. When you comment on someone’s music or art or whatever, you are still talking about a human being. Why would you want to say something that would hurt someone else? Isn’t that the dictionary definition of being a jerk? There are ways to express your displeasure with things without being a jerk about it. And sure, maybe if you are famous you should have thick skin, and I’d say that Kroeger has been, taking all of the hate in stride, but it’s eye-opening to see that even if he didn’t outwardly show how the hate impacted him, it was still felt internally.

That’s a reminder for me that even if people do not react to negativity, it is likely being felt inside. I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy being the soure of those feelings, whether the person is a famous rockstar or a stranger on the street.

Read more from Kroeger and his interview here on Blabbermouth, or better yet, check out the actual interview below!

Nickelback will be hitting the road next month on the ‘Get Rollin’ North American tour.

Here’s the entire interview done by our radio sister Robin at KFMA-FM down in Arizona!