Coronavirus Vaccines. Whose First And What That Means!

This year of 2020 is something we all will remember and we would all like to forget. The pandemic has changed so much in our lives, not to mention over 260,000 lives lost and the grief and emptiness of those who were here at this time last year and are now gone. As we move toward Christmas and try to be of good cheer there is positive news in the sense of vaccines about to become available. How soon and who gets them first is still a big question, but here’s the other 600 pound gorilla in the room. If you are eligible early will you take the shots? Many seem reticent to be guinea pigs for the folks at Pfizer or Moderna or anyone else even though these vaccines have gone through some rigorous trials. I guess it’s just they were able to get these up and running so quickly that puts questions in all of our minds, but with a worldwide pandemic isn’t that what you want? More uncertainty and then there are many who just don’t do vaccines, period! I’m in the age and pre-existing conditions categories so I’m certainly leaning toward getting the shots when they’re offered. The CDC is voting today on whose on first. When and how that comes about is something we all have to wait and see about.

Who Will Get The Coronavirus Vaccines First?