You’ve been warned…but here you are. You can no longer live in ignorant bliss to the human race’s imminent doom.

There’s a company in Russia called Promobot that is making ROBOT CLONES of real people.

Seriously.  They can make a robot that looks pretty realistically like ANYONE.  And the robots also have an artificial intelligence system that allows them to talk and interact, too.

The robots cost $20,000 to $50,000, depending on how detailed you want them.  And the company says it’s already gotten a few orders.

Before you spend your money though, you should know these robots can’t walk (THANK GOD!).  But their faces, necks, and torsos can move.

They can pretty much make a clone of anyone! In what amounts to a NOT FUNNY JOKE, they made one of The Terminator himself!

The people behind Promobot say that these robots offer people, quote, “Digital immortality.”