False Eyelashes at the Gym: Yes or No?

Good Evening. This is Laura Vaughn in for John Calhoun on The Weekend River.

Like most people, I started going to the gym again around New Years. I had taken about 9 years off, so it’s been awhile since I’ve been at a gym. I’ve noticed something that may or may not be appropriate for the gym.

Ladies wearing really outrageous false eyelashes to exercise. I’m not talking about the subtle, semi-permanent lash extensions. I’m talking about the 15 millimeter long monster lashes with rhinestones on the tips. There is NOTHING real about these lashes and although they seem completely appropriate for a cocktail party, they don’t seem appropriate for the gym.

Is there a practical reason fake eyelashes are inappropriate for the gym? No. It just seams wrong. Even mascara doesn’t fare well at the gym. You sweat and it gets in and under your eyes. Even if you use very aggressive glue to apply the outrageous lashes, some of it is bound to sweat into your eyes, and I know for a fact that hurts. But mostly, WHY?. Why do you need false eyelashes at the gym?

Oh, and one other thing. The gym is no place for shape wear like spanx or girdles. You need to be able to breathe freely and move in all directions. I know you look “fitter” in your gym clothes while wearing shape wear, but you could be hindering your workout, which is why you go to the gym, right?

Unless you’re going there to meet a man… Maybe that’s why women wear false eyelashes and shape wear at the gym.