Due to sleep issues on vacation, we decided to pack up and head home a day earlier than planned. That meant we had one more vacation day here at home, so instead of unpacking, doing laundry and all the other post-vacation chorin’, we decided to have some fun hunting down trolls right in our own backyard!

We took the kids over to Morton Arboretum for some troll hunting! Through 2020, they have six gigantic wooden trolls on display, and its your job to find them hidden among the 1,700 acres trees. You probably have already seen Joe the Guardian looking down on you as you drive on westbound I-88 past the Arboretum.


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Found them all! #TrollHunt #trollhideout @mortonarb

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There’s even a troll hideout in a secret location that you can only find if you collect the clues at the other six troll sighting locations! And yes, it’s worth it!

My three year old was in HEAVEN tracking down these things. We made it a challenge and he ate it up. It really was a perfect end to a vacation…mainly because they were dead tired by the end of it!

If you have a free day coming up and you want to enjoy the outdoors and check out some corners of the Morton Arboretum you may have never visited, I really hope you consider hunting trolls!