I thought it was going to be really hard to find someone to impress me like last year’s winner, Michael Perich.  I was right!

In addition to my lucrative radio career, I have been working in healthcare for 15 years.  During this time I have met several people that have fallen and couldn’t get up.  Just like those cheesy commercials.  It seems like all of these stories have the same theme.  A stubborn 90 year-old lives home alone and insists on taking out the trash and slips in the driveway.  They lay there in pain and wait.  Some Good Samaritan eventually happens upon them and gets them help.  Then the Good Deed Doer leaves in the shadows.  Never to be thanked again.

No Way…not this time.  In September I met a lady that had a similar story.  She’s in her 90’s.  She was in her driveway.  She fell.  She laid there and had to flag down a delivery guy who was next door dropping off a package.  Lucky for her, that delivery man was Mike from UPS.  He came over to her, retrieved some patio cushions to help her get more comfortable and assisted her to call for help.  That is going above and beyond.  The slogan “What can brown do for you?” will always have a special meaning for my 98 year-old friend that was rescued in her driveway.