How I Ended Up With The Wrong Dog

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and as some of you know, the best little dog in the whole world, Professor Remus Lupin, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 2nd. My husband and I know that no dog will ever replace him, but, we didn’t want to wait too long to get another canine companion. So we started looking mid December.

I didn’t think my specifications were all that unusual. Remus was 20 lb, which was a good size for us. We also wanted a young adult, a low shedder, and since we have cats and foster cats, the dog needed to be cat friendly. And, I absolutely wanted a rescue.

We searched. And we searched. And we searched.

We must have applied for at least half a dozen different dogs, but every time our application got approved, that dog had been adopted, or we found out that the dog was not cat friendly, or something else.

Then one day, my friend BJ sent me a picture of a cute little dog. My husband fell in love immediately, but then we found out he was only three months old. Neither one of us wanted to get up in the middle of the night to let a dog out, so I told BJ that we were going to pass.

Well, somehow the communication didn’t get delivered (thanks Mercury Retrograde!) and the woman who was fostering him called anyway. I had a lengthy conversation with her and found out that he was already sleeping through the night, and the foster family has cats. But, he was a lot bigger than what we were looking for. He’s part lab!

My husband and I decided to go and see him anyway, and made a pact that we weren’t going to take him just because we have been looking for so long.

Well let me tell you, this dog is such a love bug that we fell in love immediately, and brought him home that night.

So, meet Ziggy, named after Ziggy Stardust. Too big, too young, but as it turns out, the perfect dog for us.

By the way, he is a true rescue. He and his 7 littermates were found in a box, and his mama was tied to a tree, away from her babies. She couldn’t reach them. They’re all fine now, and even mama dog has found her furever home. Please spay and neuter your animals. There are so many that are still homeless.