Having a job seemed like the best thing ever when you were like 7 years old.   You couldn’t wait to drive yourself to your job but often those jobs were a little hard to achieve.  I mean how many of you wanted to be astronauts?   I know there were a lot of firemen and policemen out there.   Of course cowboys and ballet dancers were pretty big.  (My son always would have done anything to drive a digger for road construction…he thought that was the best job ever!)

I spent a lot of my childhood playing with the kids across the street.  I was an only child and they were a family of four so … instant pack of friends.   We used to play a lot of imaginary games.  We played school a lot, and we took turns being the teacher.   We also played hotel.  For some reason we thought being the person behind the desk who checks people into their room was a really great job. (We used couches as hotel rooms 🙂 ! )

BUT if you had asked me at 7 years old … what I wanted to be when I grew up … hands down the answer would have been a member of Pans People.   Who were Pans People …They were an all female dance troupe that appeared on Top of the Pops every week in the seventies.   I was always glued to that show.  Top of the Pops is a British music chart television program made by the BBC and originally broadcast weekly between 1 January 1964 and 30 July 2006. The program was shown every Thursday evening on BBC One and I never missed an episode.

My memory of Pans People is that they were super cool … but I decided to google them and check out some old videos … yeah …not sure what I was thinking at age 7.   I guess it was the times … Check out Pans People below and then swing over to Facebook to tell me what job you would doing if your 7 year old self had chosen it.