It’s World chocolate Day!

Hi, it’s Leslie, and today, July 7th is World Chocolate Day!

I like just about all kinds of chocolate, but my favorite is milk chocolate, followed by white chocolate, followed by semi-sweet.

I like chocolate plain or with nuts. Pecans are best, and walnuts and peanuts are good too. But please no fruit in my chocolate. I wouldn’t mind a slice of flourless chocolate cake with some raspberry sauce, but keep your chocolate covered cherries.

I don’t even mind sugar free chocolate, as long as it’s done well, and I’ve had some that is not bad!

My favorite chocolate bar is Cadbury whole nut bar. They have whole pieces of hazelnuts, but it has to be real Cadbury from England. The stuff you can buy here in the states is not the same. I’m getting hungry.

What’s your favorite chocolate? Let me know in the comments.