Kroger isn’t making cents!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Wow, it was bad enough when the ¢ sign went away from keyboards everywhere.  (I had to look up the code to make that appear!)  But now the biggest supermarket chain in the USA, Kroger, will no longer be giving out coins as change!  And I’m told that includes Mariano’s, which is a Kroger brand.

This past Monday, Kroger officials revealed that cashiers will now offer customers two options in lieu of receiving change: they can either apply it to their loyalty cards to use for their next purchase, or they can donate it to Kroger‘s “Round Up” program, which gives the change to charity.

In June, the Federal Reserve revealed less people have been spending cash because of the coronavirus, resulting in far fewer coins in circulation than usual.

Kind of a turnaround from a few years ago when the mint wanted us to start using the dollar coin.  Now it’s all about the paper!

Here are more details about it: