Lake Effect Snow! Oh My!

So watching the weather this week on TV I’ve seen several of our weather forecast prognosticators use the S word! You know, Snow! By Friday they are saying we could see some snow mixed with rain (a lovely thought, no) and the temps are dipping down enough to make it all possible. We’ve had a run of pretty mild weather over the past couple of months so I guess Ma Nature figures it’s time to pay up! The Great Lakes are warm and with cold winds blowing across them we here in the midwest, we can expect a good shot of lake effect snow over the next few months. I know, I know let sleeping dogs lie, but sadly it does look like we could be in for some white stuff sooner and more abundantly than is usual. Found a great piece on lake effect snow so have at it and read below.

Great Lakes At Record Warmth. Here’s What That Means For Snow Squalls.