Legendary progressive rock comes to Aurora!

You’ve heard of super-groups.  Well this summer, RiverEdge Park is hosting what I might have to call a super-DUPER show!

Yes has put together a tour.  Called the Royal Affair Tour, it features Yes (without Jon Anderson, but oh well), Asia, Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy, and let’s not forget John Lodge of the Moody Blues!  It’s a fairly short tour, so it’s pretty cool that it’s stopping here in Aurora!

Guitarist Geoff Downes will be playing with both Yes and Asia.  (I hope he gets paid double.)  I can neither confirm nor deny (because I couldn’t find the info) whether Carl Palmer will play with Asia as well as his ELP Legacy.  He was their original drummer, after all.  And there’ll be some tributes to recently deceased Asia lead singer John Wetton.

This tour is the Super Friends of British progressive rock!  Or maybe the Justice League.  The tour is coming to RiverEdge Park on July 6th.  That night, it’ll be all-British all the time!  Here’s a promo about the tour from Yes’s official YouTube page: