Local Group Looking to Save a Downtown Joliet Building

When it comes to beautiful architecture, the old Joliet courthouse isn’t on MOST people’s list.

But you know what, neither was the victorian-style courthouse built in 1882, with it’s marble and stained glass. Back in 1969, that 1880s courthouse was demolished, which was a mistake in many people’s eyes!

There is a group brainstorming ideas right now in hopes that we don’t repeat that mistake with the 1969 brutalist-style courthouse.

Hudson Holister, a former Joliet City Councilman and proponent of redeveloping the old court house in lieu of demolition, was on the Slocum in the Morning Show this morning on our sister station 1340 WJOL to talk about the potential benefits of repurposing the building.

Besides making a mistake that future generations may look back and regret, there are many great economic and architectural reasons to keep it around!

Nick Reiher wrote a nice piece on it yesterday for the Farmers Weekly Review.

There was a recent Zoom meeting of parties interested in keeping the 1969 courthouse around — architects, developers, community leaders, etc. Boston City Hall, which bears a resemblance to Joliet old courthouse, was pointed to as something Joliet could strive for in how to renovate both the interior and exterior and make the building an asset instead of a liability.

Take a listen and decide for yourself. If you agree, you can join their Redevelop the Will County Courthouse Facebook group for more in depth information.