Messing with Scammers

%Hi it’s Leslie. We all hate telemarketers, especially the scammers. Well, now we can scam the scammers.

Roger Anderson has created a chatbot that will keep telemarketers on the phone for several minutes.

His service is called Jolly Roger, and for $25 a year, you can use his “product of mass distraction.” The bot makes telemarketers think that they are talking to a live person.

I heard a demonstration of it, and it really does sound like a real person. This particular telemarketer that I heard sounded like he was phishing for sensitive information. These chatbots have been known to distract telemarketers up to 15 minutes!

Sometimes I have fun with telemarketers and just mess with them myself. I’ve even been known to ask them if their grandmothers would be proud of the work they’re doing. (maybe I should make my own chatbot, but I digress…)

Would this chatbot be worth $25 a year to you? Let me know in the comments.