So here we are on Valentine’s Day and of course we need to find the soundtrack for our day.  So as we have put the 30 Day Music Challenge on hold and we are playing our made up Morning Music Challenge … I thought our question for today could be your favorite Valentine’s Day song.  Now obviously the most famous Valentine’s song is My Funny Valentine which has been covered by everyone … so you could choose your favorite cover of that song … which would be easy for me as one of my favorite artist’s covered it….

A lesser know Valentine’s song that I have always liked is David Bowie’s Valentine’s Day.  It is on his 2013 album The Next Day and has such a great guitar line that I listen to this one year round.

However Valentine’s songs don’t have to necessarily have the word Valentine in them.  They can just be about love.  Songs that make you feel all squishy inside are perfect for Valentine’s Day.   So with that in mind … I have to choose this one.  I first heard it when it was in the 1988 John Hughes film … She’s Having a Baby (starring Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern – fab film if you haven’t seen it.)  It actually was written by Van Morrison in 1970 and Van recorded it as a B-side to his single Come Running. (but I like Bryan Ferry’s version better).

So here is my Valentine’s Song for you all this morning ….

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