Musical loyalty: You Might Be Surprised.
Hi, it’s Leslie Harris. A recent poll looked at different genres of music, and which fans are the most loyal to each particular genre. The poll looked at hard rock, pop music, jazz, folk, classical, techno, indie pop, alternative rock, country, classic rock… you name it.
So which genre has the most loyal fans? The answer might surprise you.
I thought it would probably be country, or maybe classical, or maybe even jazz.
But, the genre with the most loyalty is…
Heavy metal?
Honestly, I think this poll is really weird, but I am unusual in the fact that I like so many different types of music, especially different types of rock. I can be just as happy listening to Led Zeppelin as I can to ’90s alternative as I can to the brand new album from Foo Fighters.
But I also enjoy funk. Prince, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire are also among my favorites.
And I’ve been loyal to all of them for as long as I can remember.
Is there a particular genre that you are loyal to? Let me know in the Facebook comments.