My Embarrassing Injury

I think we all have a dumb injury story…at least I hope we all do.

Here’s the story about how I burnt my lip with a fork. Its not a terribly long story, but it sure demonstrates that we all go through spurts of idiocy that we aren’t terribly proud of!

So we were having dinner one night…baked quesadillas to be exact. Unfortunately, I didn’t flip them in the oven, so one side was golden brown and delicious, but the other side was…well..not.

I tried to just eat it anyway because I was hungry and didn’t want to wait for it to bake any longer. That was mistake number one…laziness.

A few bites in I realized that I just needed to take the few minutes to brown the other side. Any sane person would get out a pan and brown it on the stove.


I decided that I didn’t feel like washing another dish, so I balanced the folded half-moon shaped quesadilla on my fork and hovered it over my stove burner as if I was roasting a marshmellow on a campfire.

Did it work?! No..not really. It warmed it up a bit…a few uneven brown spots. Whatever…so I sat down to eat it.

I started talking to my wife, and without even thinking about it, I cut a piece of the quesadilla off with the fork, stabbed it, and put it in my mouth.

Pain instantly shot through the right side of my top lip. It had been burned by the RED HOT FREAKIN FORK!

What an IDIOT!

It would sure make me feel better if you share your own embarrassing injury story. I promise not to use it on the air!******

****That’s not true, I totally will use it on air!