It’s one of those things that you don’t really notice until someone points it out to you…then you notice it EVERYWHERE!

The black streaks and green haze that shows up on the exterior of your house. I literally paid no mind to it until I started endorsing the good folks at National Softwash in Plainfield. Wouldn’t you know it…it was all over my house, and honestly, it was nasty! And now as I drive around the neighborhood, I notice it on EVERYONE’s house.

That stuff is mold, mildew, algae, and/or moss, that is certainly unsightly, but if left untreated (or simply blown off by a pressure washer) can actually damage the siding, paint and roof of a house.

A crew came out on Saturday to inspect my house and give it a good old Softwash cleaning…and I could sit here and tell you how amazing it is, but really, the proof is in the pictures and video. It’s AMAZING what comes off a house with a simple low-pressure wash with their biodegradable soaps and a rinse.

No need to worry about the plants around my house…they took steps to make sure it was all good. Don’t trust me? That’s fine, but you should know they also take care of the property at Morton Arboretum…and if the Arboretum trusts them around THEIR plants, then yeah, I’m good.

They paid attention to every detail, getting out the scrub brushes if needed. They even took the time to pressure wash my patio and pavers out front, treating them with a special soap to make sure it stays cleaner longer.

I Can’t say enough about them. If you need the exterior of your house cleaned – and you probably do! – call these guys. You’ll be glad you did!

***Yes, I am a paid endorser of National Softwash in Plainfield, but like I said…the proof is in the photos/video. I’m super proud to recommend this service after having it done on my own house!***