New Garden Beds in Naperville

This is Leslie Harris, and there are plans in the works for improvements to outdoor settings in Naperville.

The Naperville Park Board has a new master plan for the Ron Ory Community Garden plots. There’s going to be more pollinator gardens, which I am particularly excited about. There’s also going to be a section for organic gardening, a no-till gardening area, more raised garden beds, signage kiosks, more compost and manure locations. There’s also going to be shaded structure with seating and just more seating in general, along with restroom and closures and a paved parking area.

The Ron Ory Community Garden plots are at 811 South West Street in Naperville. The Park district board of commissioners will consider this plan on August 11th at their board meeting.

This sounds like a beautiful development, to be enjoyed by everyone who lives in and visits this area.