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We hope you’re ready! Vinython happens this Saturday at Black Dog Vinyl Cafe in Plainfield. Leslie and I will be there broadcasting from 10:00 to Noon and all the music we play on the air will come from the racks of vinyl at BDVC!

Join us if you can. Listen if you can’t! It will be a lot of fun celebrating everyone’s favorite wax disc (not to be confused with a wax ring, which any plumber will tell you is different).

We are broadcasting to support Record Store Day, and all the local record stores keeping the vinyl culture alive and well. We encourage you to swing by your local record store and see what they have to offer. If that happens to be Black Dog in Plainfield, they will be featuring live music thought the day on Saturday, so swing by anytime. BDVC, as well as your own local record store, will have special releases from various artists exclusively for Record Store Day, so check ’em out!

Leslie and I spent a few hours there last week to build what resembles a playlist, subject to change and the whims of the DJs of course! We have record from Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith (of course), the Clash, Heart, The Who, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Talking Heads, Nirvana, the Beatles and MANY more with all those beautiful clicks and pops!

Our show is part of a larger event called Vinylthon, where stations around the world spin vinyl to support College Radio Foundation that provides broadcasting student scholarships.

Listen in Saturday from 10 to noon as we present our all-vinyl live show on Record Store Day from Black Dog in Plainfield!