Now, Let’s Talk Loyalty to Musical Artists

Leslie Harris here and yesterday we talked about fan loyalty to musical genres. You can read more about that HERE.

So while I was researching that, I came across another poll, that rated loyalty to musical artists.

Guess who has the most loyal fan base. Come on come and give it a guess. Led Zeppelin? No. The Beatles? Still no. Elvis? The Stones? Dolly Parton? Give up? Ready?

The K-pop band BTS has the most loyal fan base. Did I mention that I think these polls are silly? Kind of fun to talk about, but definitely silly.

Sure they’re loyal now, but how loyal do you think those BTS fans will be in 2 years? I’ve been loyal to Aerosmith for, well let’s just say more than 20 years, okay?

What band or artist are you loyal to? Let me know in the Facebook comments.