People Got Duped by a Fake Mask for Babies That ‘Quiets Crying by 87%’

The fact that the internet fell for this is great. But now more than a few people want someone to actually make it!

A fake product called “Baby Mute” went viral this week. It’s a mask you strap to your kid’s head to muffle their crying.


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A fake website for it claims it quiets the sound of their cries by 87%. You can check it out at At first glance, it does look legit, right?!

The tagline is, “Muzzle your baby during long flights and movie nights.” If you try to order, it says they’re currently sold out.

There’s also a Q&A section, some five-star reviews,and two photos of doctors who supposedly helped develop the mask. The doctors’ names are a big tip-off it’s fake, because they’re both R-rated. Click on the link if you want…it’s kind of like Seymore Butts, but worse!

The site says a guy named Brad Gosse is behind it, and that part is true! He’s a comedian from Canada who’s shtick is this sort of cringe-worthy humor. He makes that very clear in his Instagram account, and he’s sure good at it! His big claim to fame is dark humor children’s books, but you can get into that on your own time, if you wish!


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A lot of people who fell for it got ANGRY, because it didn’t seem safe or they thought it was cruel. Brad says the whole thing was just supposed to be a joke. He made the site using ChatGPT, and created the images with another A.I. program called MidJourney.

AI claims more victims!