Check out this beautiful butterfly that my girlfriend Wendy snapped a pic of in her garden.  Wendy lives in Michigan, and apparently has a lot of time to stalk these beautiful insects.  Last year I grew butterflies in a green mesh net thing and I never got a picture this good of a butterfly.  When we were ready to release them they flew away, like they were plotting the whole time to get the heck out of dodge.  I do have several pics of them in their green jellybean phase.  I believe scientists call it the pupa stage, or chrysalis phase, but that makes the whole thing sound nasty in my opinion.  Yuck, we may as well talk about larvae.  It should be caterpillar, green jellybean phase, butterfly.  Much simpler.

I like to try to take pictures of bunnies and birds that enter my yard, but I usually just get a tail feather or a blurred bunny bouncing away.  Do you have any good pics in your phone that you can share?  I know we have more amateur photographers out there!