Ramadan Blessings!

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and it is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. I was invited to attend an interfaith dinner, and I learned a lot about this special time.

During Ramadan, all Muslims must fast during daylight hours. This includes water. Children, the elderly, and those who are unwell are exempt from this rule. The evening meal that breaks the fast is called iftar, which is the event I attended.

My Muslim friends tell me that Ramadan is a time of deep reflection and prayer, and that it brings them closer to God. This fasting is said to cleanse the heart. It was a beautiful evening, filled with many blessings for everyone who was there, and all people of Earth.

The majority of the evening was held in a dining hall, but a couple of times the Muslims adjourned to the adjoining mosque and engaged in prayer for several minutes. We were invited to come and observe, and it was quite beautiful.

We hear so much negativity about Muslims who engage in violence, but Islam is a religion of peace. The Muslims I met that evening were gracious and welcoming, and asked us to come back, and bring our friends.