Safer On The High Seas! Fully Vaccinated Cruise.

Never been much of a cruise guy. I know, that should really be right in my wheelhouse, right! Only been on one and that was the last time I got married. Maybe that’s part of the issue! Susie is a big fan (she’s been on several with much positive feedback) and we’ve talked about about a cruise a couple of times, but with no reservations (except mine)! There just seems to be so many bad things that happen on cruises! Massive amounts of peeps getting sick, bad food, people falling over board, murder on the high seas. Did I mention the Titanic or The Poseidon Adventure? Am I being a little overly dramatic? Well maybe, but I’m just a solid son of mother earth and not much of  a sailor. Now with COVID it’s even more scary, but now there’s a ship line that is offering a fully vaccinated cruise. Feel better? Naaa me either, but I’ll bet a lotta folks will check it out!! Bon Voyage.


Fully Vaccinated Cruise. Click Here